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Spell To Change Your Life

Dissapearing Spell

This spell functions like invisibility, except the effect only lasts for 1 round per caster level (maximum of 5 rounds). Like invisibility, the spell immediately ends if the subject attacks any creature.

Money Spell

Discover how you can drastically improve your life through the use of simple money spells. Money spells are something I've used with great success. If you can learn to think of yourself as rich instead of poor, money will begin to flow into your life.

Love Spell

We will always endeavour to safely deliver reliable solutions, on the following; Bring back your lost love, Love potions for taming stubborn and cheating lovers, Stressful families and marriages, Make your lover only think you*

Sex & Lust Spell

Lust spells and Passion spells are some of the most popular spells out there because everyone out there is looking to spice up their relationships. There are many benefits that comes as a result of this spell.



Have you asked yourself why people get rich overnight. Where do they get money? why their business are florishing?.

You are just a few steps to get there:


You will never go WRONG

After many decades of secrecy and operation in the shadows, we, the illuminated ones, must begin to form the young membership. More than ever the world needs an elite group of individuals that work to create the fate of the masses. They need us, but we must once again band together. .

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